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Solar Power

Double your swim season!
Solar pool heating absorbs free energy from the sun to heat your pool. In addition to doubling your swim season, you can save two to three times more money than having an electric, natural gas, or propane pool heater. Your pool will be heated with 100% renewable energy. 
Over 30 years ago, a blend of materials was developed for construction of cost-effective and long-lasting solar pool panels. Throughout the years, several variations in the solar panel design have been applied. At All Solar Power, we have proven our heaters are durable and perform. 
How it works…Set the temperature of the pool on your automatic controller and the sun will do the rest. The automatic controller will sense when there is enough solar energy to heat the pool. The sun’s energy will heat the water as it flows through each panel. The heated water will then flow back to into your pool. This cycle will continue until the desired pool temperature is reached. To learn more about our installation process and get more details on this amazing solar pool heating system, contact us today at (813) 933-1454.
Solar Water Heater

Did you know?
Niagara Falls pours water at over 5 billion gallons per hour. If gasoline was poured out over Niagara Falls instead of water, for more than 200 million years and all of the gasoline was burned, it would produce the same amount of energy as the sun produces every hour. 
Well over a million homeowners are currently harnessing the sun’s unlimited, free energy through solar water heating systems. Those systems are estimated to be saving over 500 million kilowatt hours of electricity every year. 
By installing a Guardian water heater, you will take your electric or gas water off the “energy guzzling highway.” Take advantage of the sun’s unlimited free energy; do your part to conserve our natural resources and join the many homeowners who proudly own and benefit from their own solar water heaters. 
“Guardian water heaters … designed to be efficient, self-sufficient, reliable and durable.”
Not only are Guardian water heaters efficient and economically smart, they are also completely self-sufficient. Like your current water heater, you don’t ever have to worry about having hot water. Guardian takes care of itself. It knows when to collect heat from the sun and when not to. It knows when no electricity is needed (which is most of the time) and when to provide back-up to ensure your comfort. This water heater is so smart that you can just kick back, take a deep breath and simply enjoy the savings it provides. 
Solar water heaters have performed faithfully over the past 25 years. With recent designs and improvements, they are trouble free, long lasting and dependable. These water heaters pay for themselves many times over. Contact our office to set up our no obligation appointment today at 
(813) 933-1454.

Why Solar Power?
There are endless reasons why millions of smart individuals are deciding to go solar. To keep things simple for everyone, here are 5 valuable reasons that will convince you to enjoy the many benefits of going solar.
1) FREE Energy - Solar energy comes directly from the sun. This energy drives the weather and climate and supports nearly all life on Earth. Heat and light from the sun is now being harnessed to provide pure and free energy to heat your home’s hot water and even your swimming pools. 
2) SAVES Money - Solar power offers you long term savings of up to a third on your utility bills enabling you to save thousands of dollars over time. Also, with all of the new solar tax incentives, you can enjoy greater savings. 
3) Saves Our Global Resources - Millions of people have found it attractive to go solar because they are saving the environment and their family. The fact is that solar power does not pollute our atmosphere. Environmentalists are welcoming the increase of solar power purchasing. The solar power alternative eliminates having to use green house gases, harmful pollutants and fossil fuels or release harmful contaminants into our atmosphere.
4) Increases Your Property’s Value - Many solar power users have been able to increase the value of their homes sometimes by over 100% of the cost to install their panel. When you invest in this popular solar technology, you are adding value to your home. 
5) Low Maintenance - Solar panels typically last over 15 years. Solar power units have few, if any, moving parts. Once we install your panel, there is very little ongoing maintenance required. All you do is set it up and reap the many benefits.

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